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Vecchi e Vastasi

(Old and Rude)

Adam and Eve are caught in their secular oldness. They've become two creatures full of resentement, who spend day after day closed in their little home, blaming each other for what has happened "that time", trying even to kill each other, among prayers and medications. Untill one day they learn from TV news that they've been evicted. Again. This is when they come to a decision....

PRESS REVIEW (Italian only)  Leggi l'Intervista!

L'Arlecchino Occulto

(Arlecchino's Secret)

Who were the comedians “dell’ Arte”? And how they managed to codify an universal language which is such perfect? The show  tells the fascinating story of the Italian comedians, pioneers and travelling pirates, and at the same time it reveals some of their tricks. involved in a constant interaction between spectators and stage, people will finally meet Arlecchino and his ancestor heritage.

At the end of the lecture the audience will come back home with the following informations:
- What was Commedia dell’Arte
- How and why Commedia dell’Arte survived and its impact on modern theatre
- Why our husband, neighborough, best friend, boss, wife, always keep his/her head bended on one side….

Enjoy the tradition, rejoice, re-invent, now!

Le 99 Fatiche di Arlecchino

(the 99 labours of Arlecchino)

Arlecchino is fed up with his job as a  servant of a quite abusive master. But since he's not able to do anything else, he answers straight away to a strange job recuiter who ask for no previous experience and a neverending-contract. The obscure recuiter is the Death, and from now on Arlecchino will be  the Death's apprentice,  rousing a playfull battle between Cosmic Armony and Comic Armony.

PRESS REVIEW (Italian only) Leggi l'intervista!

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