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"Welcome to my favourite page! The future plans...please have a look and be the next to turn crazy with us" C.c.

Attraversando il Bardo 

Conceived and directed by FRANCO BATTIATO.


A documentary on our deep relationship with Death, towards different  ancestral traditions, both in eastern as in western culture. Could Arlecchino and his dialogues with Death be missing? Of course not...



L'Orlando (è) Furioso!

(production: Herlaking - Museo Internazionale Marionette A. Pasqualino-Palermo)

On its first debute at the Museum, Orlando was totally sold out!  And it was just the first part. Cristina Coltelli is now looking for new producers to enlarge the show and create the second epic part. 

The show is the result of a long intensive workshop, which is part of the "hidden ancestors research" (see below)

Please have a look to the Orlando page for pics, videos and a puff of Folly. 



inFAUST (a Commedia gothic play)

Status: in progress

​Faustina Van der Grot is a talented, smart young woman who's trying to make her way into life. Unfortunatelly she's underestimated by everybody, often  cause of her female status.  So one night, after watching a documentary on spiritism, just to play and distract herself, she performs an home made spirit evocation. Nothing seems to happen in the beginning....but the day after a strange evil fellow is sitting in her kitchen. What Faustina does not know is that her life is to change forever. What the evil fellow does not know is that by the end of the games nobody will recognize who's the good one and who's the evil anymore....

Arlecchino and the hidden Ancestors

Status: costant research

Almost twenty years spent under Arlecchino's mask made Cristina face many debates on the topic and, moreover, many audiences of different countries, ranges and status who eventually confirmed or denied the academic chatting. What feels clear to her, is that at any honest Arlecchino's appearence, people react as they were meeting an old lost friend. An intimate one. This concrete feeling made Cristina plunge into a personal research of all myths, historical traces, and cutural connections of ancient Europe, that converged into Arlecchino's mask, just one of the infinitive collection of  XVI century Commedia dell'Arte. What Cristina has found is a fascinating lost world of traditions, drama resources, and an alternative wisdom such as the Sacred Laugh. Heart of the ancient Carnival.

For more info please contact Cristina. Click HERE 

What's Next?

What the next project will be? Who knows where the wind will blow. 

Maybe we will meet on that way.

If you have any suggestions or want to introduce a new one, please submit at the CONTACT section

...and on we merrily go....



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