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L'Orlando (è) Furioso!

an epic Commedia Play

written and directed by Cristina Coltelli

The enchanted verses of Ludovico Ariosto meet the rowdy universe of Commedia dell'Arte in this  crackling performance for 13 Paladins and 4 Zanni who will follow the fair Orlando along his journey into madness. But if Orlando turns mad, the world he lives into is even madder than he is: Reality around him slips away, twists and warps continously into a psychoedelic dance where all the characters simply crash on each other, in a never ending search that will be never accomplished. The best soldiers of Cristianity and  Muslim  are all hooked by an ancestral Folly.

The journey into the "Furioso" poem through the codes of Commedia dell'Arte has been quite a revelation: you feel at home immediatly, part of a family. A huge one. The battlefield of the "Furioso"  burns under the Paladins feet, just like the stage under the masks pirouettes.

The first part of the show has been co.produced from HERLAKING and the International Puppets Museum Antonio Pasqualino.

It went sold out two days before the debute.

New partners are welcome to join the next production of the show who is part of the research "Arlecchino and the Hidden Ancestors" (please visit the project page for info)

THE INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: The Orlando Experience.

The show is the result of a series of intensive workshops conceived and directed by Cristina Coltelli, focused on the mise en scène of Folly in european tradition, with a pityless contemporary eye.

The workshops provide a first part of Commedia dell'Arte classes and a second part of research and creation on the base of the Ludovico Ariosto's poem.

Have your "Orlando experience"! Learn more about the workshop: 

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