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"....Because I truly believe theatre gives its best to human kindness when there's a whole bunch of individuals working together as an ensemble...." C.C.

Cristina Coltelli


Cristina was only 17 when she started her journey into professional theatre. She graduated in 1997 at Scuola di Teatro di Bologna A. Galante Garrone, twined with Ecole des Arts-Paris by Jaques LeCoq. Among her early Masters: Ariane Munchkine, Dario Fo, Ferruccio Soleri. She worked for several seasons into national theatres directed by directors such as Lorenzo Salveti, Walter Le Moli and Gigi Dall'Aglio. But then she decided that's was not enough for her creative project. She took a Master in Shakespearean staging at R.A.D.A-London and then she focused on Commedia dell'Arte, physical theatre and Mask pedagogy. She travelled all over Europe to enlarge her knowledge and in 2008 she came back to her home town becoming the main referent point of Commedia dell'Arte and physical theatre training in the south of Italy.

Ciro Battaglia
Sound editor/Photographer/Free lance

Ciro (battle name LeCir) is a wild free lance human being. His interests go from drummer playing, composing, photography and visual art. Ciro meets Coltelli in 2008 and from then he became an enthusiastic and faithfull contributor. He is the main responsable of the photo materials, graphic and posters, and he composed some main themes for Coltelli's shows. Plus, he is the most trusted sound editor ever seen in the deep south. He is Herlaking's connection to technology.

Marcella Colaianni

Marcella started her studies at Teatés School-Palermo, under the guidance of Michele Perriera. After the degree she has worked for almost 10 years at Teatro Libero-Stabile di Innovazione della Sicilia, directed by Beno Mazzone, turning into a real war-stage-machine. In 2009 she meets Coltelli and starts a new creative path. She worked with F. Scaldati at Bellini National theatre and ahe's actually involved into 2 main projects by the director Emma Dante including the movie "Via Castellana Bandiera". Her propulsive energy on stage made her a perfect mask partner in all the main Coltelli's production in Palermo.

The Students

Cristina Coltelli had conceived a series of master workshops in physicall theatre and Commedia dell'Arte hosted by important frames such as LA VICARIA di Emma Dante and Museo Internazionale delle Marionette A. Pasqualino. Students from all over the world and from different stage experiences attended these masters and many of them are now into national and international drama schools such as Accademia d'Arte drammatica Silvio d' Amico and LeCoques in Paris.

NB: Cristina Coltelli -HERLAKING is not a school or a company. Cristina is a free lance herself who has been able to combine creativity, human relationship and professionalism for a common and valuable long term  experience.

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